Kolkata Rakhine Traditional Food & Drinks Kolkata Rakhine Foods Chinese Cuisine Seafood Coffee & Tea Available at https://www.facebook.com/107861406754034/posts/211123809761126/ Free #Wifi Available 🏡 Shop Address: 71st Street, Sanchaung. 40x41st Street, Between Google Map -> http://bit.ly/32MTIJI 🕘 Open 9am to 9pm Open Delivery Service Phone 09 7 69 39 0001 09 7 69 39 0002 Everywhere in the City 1000K to Friends in Mandalay You can also send your delivery to Mandalay Thar Delivery Service, The Rock Delivery Service, Parcel Mandalay D. You can send feedback through elivery Service from 9am to 8pm. If you have any questions or suggestions, please send us your feedback via Facebook Messenger or Feedback Form http://bit.ly/2OfKwKE